Issue: 2014 Sept 11

September 11, 2014, Issue #395

“Queenie and the Bees”

Terry Fox was a heck of a man

“It’s like the Yukon scenery — I never get tired of reading about Terry Fox.” George Maratos has never had cancer, and nobody in his immediate family has suffered from the disease. Terry Fox is still his hero. He can’t stop talking about the man. About how awesome he is. Because of what he did …

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Seed saving

Seed saving is a time-honored way of keeping certain plant traits growing. It used to be a common practice among gardeners. This year we have decided to keep seed from some of our vegetables. The challenge is to prevent similar plants from cross-pollinating. I find it amazing, the plants that will cross with each other. …

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Andrea Simpson-Fowler has a Passion for Dance — and for Building Communities

There’s a moment near the end of the TEDx talk Andrea Simpson-Fowler gave in Whitehorse last year that explains in a nutshell what her life’s work is all about. “Kids can become extraordinary people with unique skills, while learning how to build, how to share, how to create, how to engage, how to manage and …

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Bringing it all back home

Imagine a pleasant home filled with convivial souls, good food and drink at hand, and professional musicians to provide the evening’s entertainment. No, it’s not an 18th-century soirée on the estate of a European aristocrat. It’s a modern house concert, the sort that Barrett and Carol Horne frequently host in their hilltop home overlooking the …

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Get Pickled!

This is my favorite time of year. The harvests are in, and whether you garden or purchase from local farms, this is when you can preserve a nourishing, tasty abundance of food for the winter.There are many ways to do this — drying, freezing, and fermenting retains the most nutrients. Canning preserves minerals, but most …

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Off The Beaten Path

I was re-routing some electrical cables through some bushes the other day, and what did my little eye spy? Not one, but two beautiful Agaricus mushrooms, one quite large and already flattened out like a pancake, the other with its veil still intact. This combination is ideal for identification. I promptly sliced them off at …

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Coffee Mugs and Something Larger

I’ve consumed coffee nearly every day of my life since I was 20 years old and I still don’t have a favourite mug.I’ve drank from mugs that bragged “#1 Lover” and “Life is richer in New Westminster”; I’ve drank from mugs that had little porcelain moose turds at the bottom; and I’ve even drank from …

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