Issue: 2014-09-25

Issue: 2014-09-25

“The Family Week Issue”

Firewood: Then and Now

Firewood was a least-loved childhood chore, everything to do with firewood, but especially the process of getting it from the forest into the woodshed. The weather was either too hot or dark and grey-snow-cold. Woodchips got everywhere — in eyes, hair, and under clothes. The first part of the day was spent under the constant …

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Fuelling Up

The beginning of September brings snow to Beaver Creek, home of Sid van der Meer’s Bordertown Garage & Museum. On a chilly September morning, van der Meer takes time to remember the past and retell the stories about the building of the Alaska Highway. He wanders through his museum to a room dedicated to the …

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The Magic of Live Music

Whitehorse-based singer-songwriter and comedian Claire Ness is right in her element; the local performer is releasing a new live album called Jackfish Girl, which will drop with a celebratory concert on September 26 at the Old Fire Hall. For Ness the concept of a live album contains a certain excitement not present in the studio …

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Naturopathic Medicine in the Yukon

Still have that sore back? How about those headaches? Do you dread spring and autumn because you just know your allergies will start again, and relief feels like a distant possibility? Naturopathic doctors are highly skilled health care practitioners who are trained to help with these kinds of concerns, and others, by using gentle and …

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Landscape and Solitude

In 1938, when Anik See’s maternal grandparents wanted to get married, they had to satisfy the authorities in their German homeland that neither side had any Jewish blood for at least three generations back. Her grandmother undertook to compile the necessary documentation. “She hated the reason for having to do it, but she did what …

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world, so they say. Sarah Manning, a small-time drifter, sees hers seconds before her double jumps in front of a train. Not one to miss an opportunity, Sarah snatches the bag the tragic woman left behind, and proceeds to borrow her life. It looks like a good score; …

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Piggy Bank Politics

An allowance is one of the joys of childhood. Free money! Every week! Until I’m 18! For parents questioning the wisdom of shelling out, don’t despair. The giving of allowance is a time-honoured practice that can result in an appreciation of money, financial literacy, and a degree of independence and responsibility. First, the matter of …

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Grievous Seas

Being human is to love, and to have, and to feel — deeply. Everyone will experience the loss of a loved one at some point. Regardless of the circumstance, some form of grief will be felt. Grief might affect us with cruel individuality, but to some degree, grief is grief, it doesn’t need to be …

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Serendipity Happens?

The other day I let my daughter Emily watch Tim Burtons’ The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. She has developed a keen interest in skeletons, and even though the movie may not be for children under three, I decided to play cool dad, and threw it on. As soon as the opening song, …

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Clandestine Crabapple Caper

Yesterday the sun sank behind the mountains at the same moment as the final round of applause burst forth from the tents lining the roundabout at Shipyard’s park — a poetic end to the farmer’s market season. Well, the end of Thursday markets at least; this year, the Saturday affairs will continue through the end …

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Still Looking for Yukon Love Online

In my five-part article “Looking for Yukon Love Online” published here in June and July 2014, I outlined my experience as a 50+ man investigating the online dating scene in Yukon. Based on my observations, I provided some suggestions about tailoring online dating profiles and described my initial inconclusive success in the whole affair. That …

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