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Issue: 2014-10-23

Get Some Witnesses Up in Here

Handwritten, unwitnessed wills — also called holographic wills — are valid in the Yukon as well as some of the provinces. One of the more famous examples of a holographic will comes from Saskatchewan, where in 1948 , Cecil...

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They Call Me The Breeze

“To be a musician’s musician is the biggest achievement that I couldSuch is the case of J.J. Cale. I must admit my prejudice going into this thing; I have not been on the Internet for almost two years. I would have never...

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Terror and Terpsichore

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.From October 28 to November 1, the Guild Hall will be chockablock with fire, brimstone, and all kinds of devilish mayhem.In addition to its annual Haunted House fright-fest, this year the Guild...

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Cowboy/Camp Coffee

A little research shows me that “camp coffee” and “cowboy coffee” are the same thing, but maybe originated in different locations.Basically, each involves a fire, a pot, some water, and some ground coffee. Even the more...

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