Issue 2014-12-04

“Majiski’s Myth”

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A Sourdough Scrapbook

How much do Yukoners look forward to Rendezvous? A quick glance at the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous website gives you a hint: they have a clock counting down to the start of the 2015 festival — and it’s accurate to the second. Whether your preferred event is flour packing, the one dog pull, or just a good …

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Tending The Fire

It’s a beautiful achievement when the most gratifying part of everyday is coming home to a still smoldering fire. Add a few kindling sticks, open the flue, give it time to catch, add bigger logs, let them catch, close the flue three quarters. Keep an eye on it. You’ll hear the sap crackle out of …

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The Birthing

When a play hits the stage for its first full production , it’s travelled a long way. Often a playwright begins showcasing her work by reading a scene or two in front of friends. After that, perhaps she recruits actors and presents those same scenes in a coffeehouse setting, then there might be a staged …

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