Issue 2014-12-11

“Don’t Tell Grandma”

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Second Best Grilled-cheese Ever

Superlatives aside, I did just finish a pretty amazing sandwich. First, let me describe the creation that, to date, is the pinnacle of my gustatory experience in the realm of that iconic thing: the grilled-cheese sandwich. It was consumed perhaps a month ago, when I dropped in on my friend Lori, who is a dab …

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Up Ghost River Without a Paddle

When Edmund Metatawabin’s (Ed) residential school memoir, Up Ghost River, jumped off the new-books shelf of the Yukon Public Library and landed in my book bag on top of Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, I was tempted to blow my whistle and send him to the penalty box for obstruction. I was hunting for some …

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Yukon Date Night

My father has hunted for as long as I can remember. This year he retired after 38 years as a fire fighter, so my husband and I were excited to organize his first fly-in hunting trip. We have enjoyed fresh moose meat for the last three winters, so we were nearly positive it would be relatively …

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Living with wildlife: Maggie Leary

The baby peregrine falcon was photographed on the Stewart River.  There is actually another baby crouched in the background. I used the Nikon D80 with a 18-135 mm lens. Photo Maggie Leary

Sleeping bag selection

Sleeping bags are available from $25 to $2500, depending on your needs and budget. They will all be satisfactory if used as intended, but none will work very well if used other than what they were made for. Sleeping bags come in a couple of different shapes, a multitude of materials, and a variety of …

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How About a Winter Road Trip?

Winterize the camper, stash the emergency parkas and boots, pack all the necessary clothing for three seasons (fall, winter, and spring), get coffee to go, and we are off. When you work in the construction industry as my guy does, you don’t always get to pick your vacation season. Unfortunately, slow times are rare when …

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Bands on the Run

Whether you attend December 15 or 16, Keith Todd promises that Music for a Winter’s Eve will be “a magical, festive night of music.” Todd is the musical director for the pre-Christmas presentation by the senior and junior concert bands from F.H. Collins and Porter Creek secondary schools, as well as the All-City Jazz Band. …

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Felix and Astrid

I’ve been living in a cabin downtown this past week, near the Pioneer Cemetery. It’s a little one-room shack with hot water and electricity. Not exactly the bush life, but still. This cabin belongs to a Swiss couple, Felix and Astrid Vogt, who have been living in the Yukon for more than 20 years. Thanks …

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Fish on Porcupine River

Sitting at a fish hole in the dark on the Porcupine River, in the Yukon at Old Crow in the fall, is not unusual. Excitement stirs when the ice begins to freeze on the Porcupine River. My friends and I begin to prepare ice augers, fishing lines, favourite fish hooks, and all-time baits. We do …

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Change is Always Challenging

My son came home from work a few weeks ago with a sad look of his face. When we asked what tragedy had befallen him he replied, “They’ve torn down my playground.” Well, it was true; the Robert Service School got some new playground equipment this fall. Why this fall instead of during the summer …

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Running’s His Medicine

Caribou Legs has a home now, in Whitehorse. He’s lived here for about three months. He runs everyday, and he works with youth. He’s currently organizing a jigging marathon for New Years Eve; he’ll invest the money raised on his next runs — he’s going to Inuvik, where he’ll do four youth workshops, and then …

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