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“They built it themselves”

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Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival returns to the Junction

The summer of 2015 will see the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival, which went on temporary hiatus last year, returning to its old stomping grounds in Haines Junction. “ We’re really excited to go back there, and the Junction is excited to have us back as well,” says Robbyn Chiles, president of the Yukon Bluegrass Music …

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What Incurable Optimists Can Do

They did impossible things because they were too young to know they couldn’t, and in the late 18th century nothing seemed more unlikely than convincing the powerbrokers of England to abandon the slave trade. Amazing Grace, a British-American production released in 2007 and available on DVD at the Whitehorse Public Library, is a dramatic account …

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If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. And you will make a million dollars. But first, you need to create a schematic, apply for a patent, build a prototype, find a way to commercialize it, contract a manufacturer, devise a marketing plan, build a sales force and …

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The Web of Family

Two distinctly different takes on the theme of family are among the highlights of this year’s Nakai Pivot Festival, which kicks off on Saturday, January 17 . Ralph + Lina is a two-handed “acrobatic comedy” performed by the husband and wife team of Dan Watson and Christina Serra, who first conceived the project while they …

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Ignoring the Naysayers

When your first public performance is a solo recital in New York City’s legendary Carnegie Hall, it can be pretty heady stuff. That’s exactly what the Chicago-based classical saxophone player who goes by the single name of Ashu learned when he was 16 years old. “People work their whole lives to be able to play …

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Techno Challenged

If it’s true there are seven wonders in the natural world, then surely this is the eighth. The world’s most incompetent techno-challenged is boldly composing this on a brand new, state-of-the-art iPod. It’s his first, and is called by its given name: Apple Air Pad 2 — a way-ward present Santa Claus must have left …

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Thoughts and feelings of a young woman hitchhiking 10,000 km across Canada and the USA

I have been called many things. Crazy. Stupid. Brave. Adventurous. Trusting. But I‘d just like to be called human. Every human is special, and among us are some I’d consider curious. For example, the ones who don’t turn down the volume, but scream at me. Or even better, the ones who ask if I like …

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Turn Your Conversations Into Art

 “ Anyone – no matter what their background is – can take a tape recorder and go out and ask some questions,” says Saskatoon-based artist Joel Bernbaum, who will be in the Yukon this weekend holding verbatim theatre workshops with Whitehorse’s Open Pit Theatre. “ Verbatim is a fancy term but it actually just means …

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A Drinky Thingy

According to Tim Tamashiro, there’s “thinky” jazz and then there’s “drinky” jazz . “I’ve always had a bit of a problem with the serious nature of jazz, so I wanted to come up with some sort of a name to put it into a bit of a context for the greater population,” he explains. Oh, …

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Stay Safe in the Mountains

Michelle Christensen follows a routine before she heads to the backcountry for a day of skiing. It’s a safety routine, and it starts in her living room. She checks the weather and road forecasts, and logs into the Avalanche Canada website for trip reports — where skiers post conditions to a forum, like the Yukon …

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Floyd For Food

What could be better than burning away the winter blues with a good, old-fashioned rock show? How about a rock show that features Pink Floyd covers and raises funds for the Whitehorse Food Bank? Introducing Floyd For Food, a one-night-only event that will take place on January 24 at Club 867, featuring Whitehorse’s very own …

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