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issue: 2015-01-15

Behind the Man Who’s Behind the Camera

It’s Christmas Eve and Vince Fedoroff and I are drinking happy hour beers at the Gold Rush. The place is packed. We chat for a bit before we begin the interview. Crystal Ball by Styx plays on the satellite radio and I admit to...

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If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. And you will make a million dollars.But first, you need to create a schematic, apply for a patent, build a prototype, find a way to commercialize it,...

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The Web of Family

Two distinctly different takes on the theme of family are among the highlights of this year’s Nakai Pivot Festival, which kicks off on Saturday, January 17 .Ralph + Lina is a two-handed “acrobatic comedy”...

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Ignoring the Naysayers

When your first public performance is a solo recital in New York City’s legendary Carnegie Hall, it can be pretty heady stuff.That’s exactly what the Chicago-based classical saxophone player who goes by the single...

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