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Issue: 2015-04-02

The Beauty and Tragedy of Elliott Smith

My van died the day that I learned that Elliott Smith had put a knife through his chest. “Maybe it’s time to lighten up,” I mused.Some songwriters of that generation, and those who came slightly before, couldn’t muster the...

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Mind Stretching Poetry

What does knitting have in common with writing poetry? Both must be done carefully. Onemistake can ruin the whole image. Jamie Sharpe knitted a one meter wide and two storey long scarf and wrote a poem about it.Sharpe’s...

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Meds to Media

Dawson City has created a filmmaker out of a doctor. So says Suzanne Crocker, creator ofAll the Time in the World, a full-length feature film that is making waves around the country. It will be screened in Dawson City at the Odd...

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Cooking and Eating Ling Cod

Ling cod, or burbot, is very common in the Yukon’s southern lakes, and is quite easy to catch by jigging, bottom fishing, or using set-lines (which requires a free, separate fishing licence).These fish are bottom-feeders and are...

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Cheese and Kids

In February I had the privilege of running a workshop on cheese-making for the Learning Lions, a homeschooling group that meets out at the Mt. Lorne Community Centre. What a fun time.A farmer friend generously donated the milk,...

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A Northern Diary

I have been in the wilderness of the Mackenzie Mountains for six weeks, and have decided to begin a diary. It’s maybe not the right time to start one, but now that I’m not quite as busy and not nearly as tired at the end of the...

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