Issue: 2015-05-28

Issue: 2015-05-28

“Something BIG is Cookin’


Over the years I’ve been out in the rain. I’ve seen  people who wear raingear from ultra-expensive Gore-Tex to disposable vinyl rain ponchos, or even garbage bags. Huddling under a tarp is another common sight. How well the garbage bag/vinyl poncho crowd did depended on how long the rain fell, their attitude, and definitely their …

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Local Artists To Take Over Trolley

The second annual Whitehorse Nuit Blanche is set to transform the downtown core into an all-night art playground. Inviting the audience to become the artist, this art crawl will bring installations, performances, and other participatory exhibits to life for 12 consecutive hours during the solstice. With eight commissioned artists, a free breakfast, and numerous indie …

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RVing in the YT

Earlier this year, at the Toronto Interior Design show, the Cubitat was introduced. This lifestyle cube is 10’ x 10’ and features a bed, bathroom, kitchen and television. All you need to do is hook up water and power and you have yourself a compact living space. Smaller living spaces have become increasingly popular. Now …

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Bus, stop!

They come for a pee, a snack, and a knick-knack. After spending 45 minutes in the first Canadian community that many will ever experience, cruise ship passengers are back on the buses to see Emerald Lake or have a chicken dinner at Caribou Crossing Trading Post. Such are the challenges, and opportunities, for shopkeepers in …

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Learning from the Locals

Returning home after traveling can bring culture shock that’s just as discombobulating as that experienced when heading off to the far side of the globe. I’m learning that staging the return helps ease the transitions of climate and jet lag, as well as culture. One of my main reasons for traveling is the fresh perspective …

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Alexander Supertramp Was Here

In the North, peril can strike anyone in the summer, or the winter. But when Christopher McCandless died at the age of 24 in August, in an abandoned bus near Denali Park in Alaska, apparently of starvation, the response was intensely mixed: bewilderment, contempt, and for some, awe. Many people have known someone bright, charismatic, …

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Yukon Birdathon

There are 284 bird species recorded in Yukon. This weekend is your chance to count as many as you can. The Yukon Birdathon is designed to get you out birding, and raise funds for bird conservation. Held the last weekend in May, the goal is to identify as many species as possible from Friday, May …

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Kookatsoon Calling

Do you like wind in your face? Because if you love a headwind, I recommend biking south along the Alaska Highway. All that extra initial effort will just fade away into a lovely tailwind on your return trip home. Biking to Kookatsoon Lake and back is a great beginner ride. Starting from downtown Whitehorse it …

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Staying out of the Trenches

There was a time when Barbara McInerney says she wouldn’t sit in the same room with Whitehorse RCMP officers. She’s the executive director of Kaushee’s Place and Betty’s Haven — two women’s shelters in Whitehorse — and she says communication betweeen the organziations and the police was non-existent. Which is troublesome for all parties, because …

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