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Issue: 2015-07-16

Hotdog Destiny

On July 4 my family headed to Skagway for the Independence Day celebration.Since I was about to write a piece for the WUY Hot Dog Issue, I thought, “What a great way to sample the Americana hot dog culture and stuff myself with...

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Love Your Liver

We usually think of our liver in relation to alcohol, but in reality its relationship to our health is much more complex. The liver is a living organ that processes and filters almost everything that goes into our bodies.Every...

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An Orange Dog

National Hot Dog Day approaches on July 23.Those who celebrate will most likely be found grilling hot dogs on the barbeque or over a fire.Die-hard hot dog lovers may opt to make their own. In the Yukon there are opportunities to...

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How working dogs keep cool

Frank Turner knows how to care for dogs on the bitterly cold trail of the Yukon Quest, having run it 24 times.Indeed, he had the honour (his word) of winning the Vet’s Choice Award twice. And he knows how to care for dogs in the...

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Creative Getaway

Perhaps your partner is sick of navigating around that massive quilting frame to get to the living room couch.Perhaps you’re tired of moving that big felting project off the kitchen table day after day, so the family can have...

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Moving Day on Eighth Avenue

“Someone should make a list of all the houses that have been moved around in Dawson, showing where they used to be and where they are now.”This isn’t exactly what was said to me last Saturday, June 26, but it captures the gist...

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