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Issue: 2015-08-06

Lucy Come Home

Living on a knife’s edge isn’t as exciting as it sounds. It can actually be downright tedious, and that’s what Wendy and Lucy captures — the daily grind of staying upright in a treacherous situation.On the way to Alaska with her...

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Wild Cards

The fourth edition of the Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium, part of the annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, is taking a walk on the wild side.This year, the symposium’s popular Dawson Daily News Postcard...

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Boulder On!

Do you like climbing rocks? Do you enjoy hiking in a gorgeous valley? What about making friends? Walking a tightrope suspended between two giant boulders? Do you like having fun and being happy?If you answered yes to any of...

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Porter for Your Stout?

The year is 1720. If you just touched down in London town, you would see a bustling city with ships docked at each port. If you were a male looking for work, you might have considered the popular porter trade.With London being...

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Blowin’ strong

After playing harmonica for more than 40 years, George McConkey finally feels he is getting to the venerated status of “old blues guy”.Nicknamed Harmonica George, he started playing when he was young. Through sheer stubbornness,...

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Review Haiku

“We want to freshen up the image of the library … as the cool place that it is,” Sarah Gallagher tells me with a sideways glance. We both giggle. It’s funny, because she’s a librarian and I have a degree in literary...

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