Issue: 2016-05-05

Issue: 2016-05-05

“Rock On Roll On – Yukon Roller Girls”

Consent is Sexy

May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre in partnership with Les Essentielles want you to know that Consent Is Sexy. The women’s groups are hosting a handful of events this month and kicked off their campaign with a reading on May 3rd of Chance, a new play by Yukoner Melaina …

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Ready to work; ready to shine

The Yukon Association for Community Living is trying something they’ve never done before: they’re entering the film business. The organization has a mission is to advocate for, and support individuals with, developmental disabilities and their families and guardians have made a film as a promotional tool to attract employers to hire their clients. Kathleen Hare, …

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Yukon History Image: Boyles Yukon Gun Detachment

The Yukon and the First World War

In the view of Dr. Ken Coates, the North’s response to the challenge presented by World War I was to do the opposite of what people Outside might have expected. “They historically were seen as being very separate from the whole country,” he says, “kind of unique places, off in the wilderness, having problems of …

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On the Hot Seat

Traveling always gives me a new perspective on commonplace things. Daily activities become challenges as I figure out the basics of food and shelter all over again, not to mention which tap controls the water out of which spout in the shower. Sooner or later, nature calls. While my Japanese language lessons often begin with …

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Twenty Years of Pioneer Women Celebrated at the Hospital

Twenty years ago the late Madeleine Gould’s lengthy quest (1987-1996) to join the Yukon Order of Pioneers ended with a Supreme Court of Canada decision. Over the years a number of women in Dawson had supported this quest, notably with the humorous “No YOOPIE – No WHOOPIE” floats that were a feature of many parades …

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The Dawn of Spring

Spring is more than sales on winter gear en route to the clearance bin or the emergence of chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies in store windows. It’s the sunset of winter, the dawn of warmth and a period of transition. Just like a child playing hide-and-go-seek, the transition from winter to spring happens if you …

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Catch A Cutthroat

This is an awkward time of year for fishing.  Each day, as the amount of daylight lengthens, we grow impatient to be back outside, with fishing rod in hand.  As the warmth of the sun returns, and the snow begins to disappear,  a growing mistrust for the strength of the ice on the once frozen, …

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Tattoo You: Jennifer Taylor

This is a tattoo so I never forget my father, who was killed on his bike or how much riding means to both of us. The elephant is to always remember both sides of everything in life.

The Beauty of Icelandic Socks

Blönduós is a small town situated at the mouth of River Blanda, in northwest Iceland. Iceland is largely an Arctic desert punctuated by mountains, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and waterfalls. Most of the vegetation and agricultural areas are found in the coastal lowlands. Willows, heathers, grasses, crowberry, bilberry and lichens are just some of …

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Sophia Flather

“It felt like home” is what Sophia Flather says of the first summer she lived in Old Crow. While working as a summer student there in the heritage department, she visited the Vuntut National Park and had the experience of seeing a group of five to 10 thousand caribou. “It was pretty powerful,” she says. …

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Healthy Drinks

answer is the often vague and elusive response that is elicited by so many nutrition questions: it depends. A smoothie is only as good – or bad – as what’s in it. Smoothies can be an easy and taste bud-friendly way for kids and adults to up their servings of fruits and vegetables. They offer …

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The Cocktail Family Tree

I have a Cocktail Confidante to whom I turn when I need inspiration or advice. He is an amateur beverage scientist who approaches his subject with the curiosity, passion and dedication of a Marie Curie or Frederick Banting. He spends hours on applied research in his laboratory, and many more hours studying cocktail theory and …

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Nothing, Nothing, Nothing… Then Honks Galore!

Sometimes it seems like maybe they might not come. Then you hear them: the faint, high-pitched croaking, growing louder and louder. Then the sky fills with hundreds of sandhill cranes, flying in huge Vs that morph and swoop as the birds soar to catch rising thermals. Everyone in Faro drops what they’re doing to look …

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Yukon Women Who Rock and Roll

The Yukon is home to many hidden gems. If you know where to look you can usually find what you are looking for. That includes a high-paced women’s contact sport on wheels: women’s roller derby. Whitehorse is home to the rowdy Yukon Roller Girls. The uninitiated may think roller derby is just a light hearted …

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Projectify It!

Step into the world of projection design and you’ll see anything is possible. Images can be displayed on screens behind the actors and these images can be constantly moving and changing. Even just the way lights move across the stage can create a set in itself. Different backdrops can be projected on a screen – …

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See The Yukon’s History Through Kids’ Eyes

My great great grandparents, Alexander Fraser and Jane Hastings Fraser left Dumfrieshire, Scotland in 1795. They settled in the Ottawa Valley with many Scottish immigrants. I have visited the cemetery near Renfrew, Ontario where they rest. In 2010, my sister, my husband and I traveled to Dumfrieshire, Scotland to walk in their footsteps. I love …

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