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Issue: 2016-08-04

Eastward Ho, at Last

They’re on the road again.Bruce Barrett and Judy Forrest, the Whitehorse couple whose van was torched by an arsonist in British Columbia last month, are rebounding from the major setback in their retirement travel...

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Petting Cheetahs in Namibia

The cheetah appeared suddently, and instantly I was overcome with fear. I saw it walking slowly on the porch of the farm house. I froze and my heart was racing.“It must have come in from the wild,” I thought, “and now it will...

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Avoiding Calamity with Bears

Yes, bear stories, undoubtedly a favourite topic in the Yukon and one that gets people talking. As I write here, there is a black bear poking around on our property.I have never had a true calamity involving a bear in my 30...

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He built a better greenhouse

There are two kinds of gardeners in the Yukon: those who can grow tomatoes and those who can’t.With Yukoner Bob Sharp’s Solar Growing Greenhouse Kit – a stable-temperature greenhouse that extends the growing season...

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Stoking the Fire

Today, Sid and I are on the hunt for an unusual piece in his collection. As we sift through antiques after antiques, we come across a bellows.A bellows pumps air, and they are commonly known to be hand-held devices used to stoke...

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