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Issue: 2016-09-08

On Simple Pleasures

There is a microwave placed awkwardly in front of the little, old fashioned split-glass window. The curtains are open and on the other side of the window freight ships move across the bay slowly, deliberately, as if the water...

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Pelvic What Now?

Ok, so when I hear the words “pelvic floor” the folks I think of are pregnant women and the elderly. It’s also a term that has come up in yoga classes, usually in the context of maintaining strength en route to joining one...

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Keep Your Bus on the Road

Mindful breath in, mindful breath out, mindful breath in why did he say that to me what a jerk Ican’t believe he blamed me it’s not my fault, crap, right, mindful breath in…Yup, I know you’ve experienced this. Anyone who has...

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Capturing a Country’s Memories

When Charles Ketchabauw and Lisa Marie DiLiberto rolled into Whitehorse late last month, they weren’t your typical rubber-tire tourists.Sure, they had two small kids and a teardrop trailer in tow, which made their...

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How-to Remember Five Species of Salmon

Remembering the five species of Pacific salmon is as easy as counting the fingers on your hand.Start with your thumb, which rhymes with chum. Chum, which is also called “dog salmon” is very good smoked. The late fall chum run is...

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Eating for Endurance

What you eat and drink before a long run impacts your performance and your ability to recover, post race. If you’re looking to beat a previous time, or just finish, it’s important to focus on the fuel you are giving your...

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