Issue: 2017-02-22

Issue: 2017-02-22

“A Canoe For All Seasons”

What it means to be Canadian by James Welscott

Canadian – Living in one of Canada’s capitols, near the Arctic Circle Canadian – Including Canada’s unique makeup of nationalities and indigenous peoples cultures Canadian- Braving the cold Canadian- Embracing vast swaths of wilderness, forest, tundra and the rocky mountains

Living with wildlife: Maggie Leary

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected] Here’s a photo of two female pine grosbeaks arguing beak to beak about who’s turn it is on the birdfeeder.

Yukon See It Here: Donald Graham

​What do you do when a porcupine decides to gnaw on the underside of a shelf for the salt content in plywood ? [ in the production process of plywood, veneers are impregnated with a salt solution ]. – Problem is the shelf is about two feet from your slumbering head and it’s four o’clock …

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Nicole Edwards: Genre Bender

Nicole certainly mixes it up with genres including Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Roots, and the Latin sounds in “Lychee Martini” and “Second Thoughts”

King of Chicago

The mayor of Chicago is mad as a hatter, but the trains run on time. Having been mayor for a couple of decades, Tom Kane is the ultimate power player; he has a lot to say about which councillors get elected and he wields that power like a mace to get them on board with …

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Double Think Twice

Vurt (Jeff Noon, 1993) A mad romp through a Trainspotting-like drug culture, Vurt features virtual-reality ‘feathers’ that take you to bizarre and forbidden worlds, shadow-creatures that exist in between this world and the virtual who can slip in and out of your mind at will, slobbering man-dog hybrids and cybernetic implants that can render a …

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Too Busy to Be This Busy?

Tara Larkin of Pursuit Coaching will be hosting a five week seminar for women entitled Put Busy to Rest:Coaching for Women Taking on the World. The seminar runs every two weeks starting on March 1st from 11-1 pm and is focused on helping ambitious women who feel overwhelmed by their busy schedules reclaim their time …

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Taking on Sunshine Crack

I sleep in the next morning and Dan and I take it slow. Ironically named, Sunshine Crack faces north and does not catch sun until late in the day. It is cold in the Bugaboos, despite it being late July. Our approach is easy however and we are at the base by 11 a.m. There …

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Sweet news: Northern bitters make beautiful drinks

Yukon concocters, experimenters, cocktail lovers and fans of northern botanicals, take cheer! A kindred spirit walks among us. She is Jennifer Tyldesley, and as you will have recently learned in these pages, she makes her own small-batch bitters and sells them under the brand name Free Pour Jenny’s. Tyldesley’s philosophy is similar to my own: …

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Fear of Pie-ing

The circle is often used as a symbol of perfection. The delicious combination of sweet or savoury filling and flaky pastry at its best when round is known as “pie.” The magic number that tells us everything we need to know about a circle is called “pi.” Coincidence? I think not. Perhaps this relationship between …

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New Colours

An exhibit featuring paintings by 22 year old Yukoner Anna Thompson is currently on display at the Atco Electric Yukon Youth Centre Art Gallery. Thompson has a cognitive disability as a result of a brain injury as a baby which left her with cerebral palsy – and is a prolific and enthusiastic artist, says her …

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Battle of the Bands

This Rendezvous, The Battle of the Bands is going down, bringing together youth bands from across the territory to battle for top dog honors of the Yukon Music scene. BOTB is presented each year by Bringing Youth Toward Equality (BYTE), and this year for the first time, in conjunction with Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. “They are …

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Bread and Butter

Here are some good bread recipes from the 1950s. Cranberry Bread 2 cups of sifted flour 1 cup sugar 1½ tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt ½ tsp baking soda ¼ cup butter 1 beaten egg 1 tsp grated orange peel ¾ cup orange juice 1½ cups light raisins 1½ cups fresh chopped cranberries Sift …

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Don’t Ignore that Gut Feeling

“Were the gut solely responsible for transporting food and producing the occasional burp, such a sophisticated nervous system would be an odd waste of energy. Nobody would create such a neural network just to enable us to break wind. There must be more to it than that.” –an excerpt from Gut: The Inside Story of …

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If There’s a Need, There’s a Lion

As Lions Club International celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary, long time Grey Mountain Lions Club member Gerry Gerein sees this year as a culmination of all that the Yukon Clubs have accomplished in the Yukon. “I’m very proud of our involvement in the community,” he says. For Gerein this year will be all about reflecting on …

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Life After Tragedy

When asked about the message she hopes to convey in the film, Ohama responded, “It’s a moving and inspiring story of how people find real joy, love and meaning in life again… even in the face of extreme loss. In our busy, cluttered world filled with stress… we tend to forget how to see and …

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Butterflies, Ravens and Tlingit Princesses – Oh My!

The event’s honoured figure, Sam Johnston, is a venerated elder within the Teslin Community. He has been a politician, athlete and former chief of the Teslin Tlingit Council, as well as a celebrated community figure. “The goal of this day is to share some stories with (Johnston), make him feel special and thank him for …

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