Issue: 2017-07-26

Issue: 2017-07-26

“Jackie Chan Moves Don’t Count”

Human Errors Re: Bears

Sadly some human errors are fatal mistakes when bears are involved. Bears are somewhat predictable, but there are many exceptions to that rule. As a result, humans must always err on the side of caution when in bear country. Recent photos in the news from Banff show two separate situations where a human has moved …

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Moose Heart Tacos

The hidden trophy of any successful hunt – that should be hauled out of the woods and cherished like a beautiful hide or perfectly curled horns – is the heart. The heart is by far the most delicious cut of any sort of wild game I’ve had the pleasure of eating. And if you’re a …

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Why I Love Little Birds

The view overlooking Bennett Lake, after summiting my first mountain, while accompanying a friend on his goat hunt, will stay with me forever. The noise of the wind through the high passes, blowing clouds through the huge expanses below always leaves me feeling a little haunted. The huge span of tundra, the winding rivers, the …

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Come As You Are

Paradise Electronic Music Festival is a nonjudgmental space where people from all colours and walks of life are not only welcome, but celebrated unconditionally. “We want people to come out and express themselves and who they truly are,” says festival founder, organizer and local DJ, Kevin Jack, who goes by the stage name of DJKJ. …

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The Dempster Highway: Past, Present & Future

There are two ways to Inuvik: either fly Air North, or drive the scenic route – the 735.5 km of the Dempster Highway. East of Dawson, branching off of the Klondike Highway, the Dempster begins. It follows the Klondike River valley, heads through the Ogilvie Mountains and crosses the Blackstone, Ogilvie and Eagle Rivers. Then …

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A New Sparrow is Arriving

Starting July 24 and running until August 5, The Keno City Music and Art Workshop will be taking place. One of the featured musicians is Yukoner Kim Beggs. Thirteen years and five solo albums have earned Beggs a solid place among Canadian musicians. This fall, Beggs will be launching her fifth solo album, called Said …

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Imagine the Yukon – Part 1

The Yukon Imagination Library — a local non-profit organization that gives free books to Yukon children once per month from the time they are born until they reach age 4 — is turning 10 this year. To celebrate the milestone we have collected stories from families who have used the library and from a few …

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Stream of Consciousness

Visit the Academic and Skills Development office in the A-wing of Yukon College, and you’ll be greeted with words of empowerment on the backs of a stream of 16 cedar salmon in a work of art created by local artist Cheryl Teya. On each salmon plaque is a core value, such as kindness, respect, goals. …

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What it means to be Canadian by Greg Talbot

For me to be a Canadian in the force of life I had no choice in the matter, to be a Canadian, and a Yukon Canadian at that. this is why I am glad I’am a Yukon Canadian.

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