Issue: 2017-09-06

Issue: 2017-09-06

“Busted Words”

Getting Further, Going Lighter

Even from the isolation of our north of 60 towns, one is able to equip themselves without reaching onto internet shelving any more than necessary. With so many amazing, new, big-ticket items, some of the things that have really changed the way I pack – and, subsequently, the way I hunt – are often under …

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Cohousing Communities

Cohousing is a concept that has been around for a long time, but in the Yukon it’s starting to gain interest as an alternative living arrangement for people of all walks of life. Many groups of people are tired of living paycheque-to-paycheque just to cover rent; cohousing can provide a solution. To clarify, cohousing is …

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a buddy cop action movie written by Tom O’Connor and directed by Patrick Hughes (the same inspired genius who brought us Expendables 3 and The Making of Expendables 3.) The 118 minute flick hosts a star studded cast, including Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek. First Thoughts: …

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Hidden Memories Revealed at Fringe Festival

Five years ago Hidden Memories started as a one-act play Lillian Nakamura Maguire drafted to improve her dialogue skills for a creative writing class. Now the full-length version will be featured in the Vancouver Fringe Festival’s Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women on September 13. “It’s the first time Hidden Memories will be read …

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Trinidad’s Carnival: Experience of a Lifetime!

Carnival is a massive street party that falls the week before Ash Wednesday, which is in late February/early March, and is observed annually in many countries around the world. It is celebrated with especially great vigor in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s basically a culturally-rich party parade, filled with beautifully diverse people in elaborate costumes dancing …

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Red Mammoth Comes to Dawson

It’s been a long time since mammoths have been in the Yukon valley, but a new one just appeared August 9, albeit in the form of a café. The Red Mammoth Bistro is Dawson City’s newest coffee and eating establishment, and they’ve hit the ground running. Owned by Emilie Aubin and Paul Wettstein, the bistro …

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Northern Food Fusion

I am a lover of adventure and fine tastes – a forager of the wild world. The life I live is close with nature and so is my diet. I am a Gwich’in Inuvialuit Caucasian woman living in the far north, and a student of natural medicine. My elders taught me about the healing gifts …

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Yukon Search and Rescue: The Basics

Yukon Search and Rescue (YSAR) is a volunteer-run organisation that provides ground and water search and rescue support for the territory. Prior to 2014 each community had their own search and rescue organization, but since then the amalgamation with one head administrative office in Whitehorse has allowed a better centralised support system for the territory. …

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Real Stories from Real People

Three years of collaborating, interviewing and gathering has culminated in one powerful play that shares both beautiful, heartfelt reflections and the harsh realities of northern living. Busted Up: A Yukon Story presents the colourful and eclectic real-life voices of the Yukon – politicians, mothers, fathers and children – 33 voices, to be exact. The play, …

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Breathing In, Breathing Out

I’ve been doing yoga since I was a kid, tagging along to my mum’s occasional classes. I started taking the practice seriously three years ago and earned my 200-hour yoga instructor certification last summer. Though I mostly practice on my own, Breath of Life yoga studio piqued my interest due to their modernization of yoga. …

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Let’s All Learn Gwich’in

Our long time “Didee and Didoo” cartoonist and poet Allan Benjamin from Old Crow is excited to introduce his new Shoo’ii and Sheek’aii cartoons and poems. These new characters will appear in Gwich’in and English. Whenever you see Shoo’ii and Sheek’aii you can always be treated to a Gwich’in poem or Allan will simply have …

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