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Issue: 2018-01-24

A sense of community needs a voice

Sarah Crane will tell you that her Riverdale community is “a great place to live” with its close proximity to downtown and the diversity of its residents. And the trails.
But Crane knows there is one more element that needs to be pursued every day: a sense of community.

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Yukon furry

The Unfurled project is a series of events culminating in one full day of workshops, demonstrations, and a marketplace on March 10, hosted by trappers, craftspeople and fur enthusiasts aiming to solidify the connection between Yukoners and one of the Territory’s most time honoured industries.

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Unlearning for success

It’s the year of the woman, ladies. In the height of the #MeToo movement, Times Up, and many other global shifts, women are taking a stand and making change by acknowledging that we face unique challenges and tackling them head on.

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