Issue: 2018-12-05

Issue: 2018-12-05


Yukon See It Here: Murray Martin

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on to [email protected] I like to submit a picture along with a saying to go with it. For this large tree, “Family tree: set your roost and firmly hang on to them.”

Categories of Violence

Use of power by which an individual in a position of force aims to control another person. There are three categories of violence.


Thanks to snow-nerd scientists. Their lives revolve around snow and they couldn’t wait to “nerd-out” on the subject:

Bear Mountain – A redux

If you’ve read about our first attempt to climb (or even glimpse) Bear Mountain, you may be wondering how or why we ever returned. I wish I knew myself, with any sort of confidence. Was it the resentment of failure? Was it the undeterrable enthusiasm we had for this climb? Was it because of a …

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Autumn sunlight and shadows

We’re past the halfway mark in October as I write this. The sun rose today at 9:16 and will set at 18:49 (6:49 for most of us civilians), so we’re down to less than half a day of actual sunlight. That’s in spite of the fact we can count on extended, refracted light on either …

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Didee & Didoo: Allan Benjamin

I know this man from Old Crow Who’s a kind and gentle soul. He was raised by his Didoo She taught him all that she knew. This man is Allan Benjamin And he keeps his fiddle jammin’. When he’s not busy doing that, He’s doing up his snowshoe strap. He’s won many snowshoe races With …

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This league is about community

The Filipino Canadian Basketball League Yukon (FCBLY) held their annual kickoff weekend on Saturday, November 17 and the highly anticipated event filled F.H. Collins gym for the weekend. The FCBLY president, Joselito Tobias, has been involved in the league for seven years and has seen the evolution of the league into the sport of choice …

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Santa: A Superhero!

Santa Claus: known by many names in countless countries. He represents kindness, generosity, sharing, positivity and goodwill to all.

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