Issue: 2022 May 11

Porta Pottys

The Business of Portable Toilets

Porta Potty, outhouse, Johnny-on-the-Spot, and honey bucket. I got to ask every question you never thought to ask about those plastic booths.

It’s All In The Sign

When the animal you are tracking comes into question, just keep walking … You can clearly see the difference in the poop.

The Transformation of Waste

Is it weird to lick your fingers while you’re making Chocolate Poop? Use a dark high-percentage chocolate, ideally locally ground if available.

She Mooned the Poor Bear

The lady mooned the poor bear And he bit her in the rear The bear bit the poor spouse When she went to the outhouse

Parenting: ‘Sit’ Happens

My love for my 2 yr old whirlwind of chaos I’m certain of, everything else has me confused. Parents know true one doesn’t mean true the next.

Outhouses: Highway Drop-offs

The outhouses along the Yukon’s highways are truly unsung heroes. Here’s what you should know, to better appreciate them.

would poop here again

A bathroom review: Yukon see it here.

A bathroom review for City of Whitehorse Councilor Ted Laking, after he spotted one of her similar pieces at her mom’s workplace.

Chocolate ‘Poops’

Is it weird to lick your fingers making Chocolate poops? Use a dark high-percentage chocolate, ideally bean to bar chocolate if available.

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