Issue: 2022 October 12

October 12, 2022
A man and a woman stand outside a log cabin in winter with furs from a season of trapping hanging on the wall

The Trapper’s Life

What is trapping? I had no idea. But I slowly but surely found out that hunting and trapping is a passion. Serious, gorgeous and grounding.

Gathered seeds ready to be planted

Ode To The End Of Autumn

Fresh snow covers the mountaintops, and time seems to be flying by. Blink and you might miss the end of fall.

A hunter preparing to take a shot with a rifle

The Hunter’s First Rifle

The .30 calibre, is 112 years old and still high on the list as one of the most-versatile hunting cartridges in the world.

Four bullets

Bite The Bullet

The first mention of “bite the bullet” was, according to Wikipedia, in Rudyard Kipling’s late-1800s novel The Light That Failed.

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