Issue: 2023 April 05

Fennel, Green Beans and Quinoa With Eggs and Anchovies

Fennel, Green Beans and Quinoa

Fennel, Green Beans and Quinoa – Warm or cold, this simple selection of ingredients tastes fresh and perfect for a simple spring meal.

A little downtime with a bedtime story

Third Trimester

I left you all at week 23 of my pregnancy, and now, when I look back, I wish I could be in so much comfort and bliss! Month 6 was amazing.

The Mush Lake Road Ski Trail

Full Ski Ahead!

Over the past few years, cross-country ski trails in the Kluane National Park and Reserve have been getting some added attention…

Robyn McLeod at the Milan Fashion Week.

Making A Fashion Statement

On a narrow street in Milan, motor scooters are parked on the side of the road and people are rushing by. A woman is wearing a black dress…


Everyone Loves Bannock

Bannock has become a staple in our personal world. The grandkids and the dog love it, and so does the squirrel at the feeder.

A sick child with thermometer

Will we ever be healthy again?

Getting sick when you have little kids is certainly not uncommon. Those little germ collectors regularly sideline as germ dispensers…

CBYF's youth staff creating awards at Lumel Studios for the summit

The Yukon Youth Summit

The upcoming Yukon Youth Summit has a few main goals, according to Lindsay Cornell, executive director of Boys & Girls Club (BGC) Yukon…

A grizzly bear, with a freshly-caught coho salmon, under the aurora borealis

Kings Of The North

The Yukon is synonymous with many things—vast wilderness, majestic mountains, traditional peoples, ravens, caribou, salmon …

A fish camp

The Fish Camp Visitors

In 2005, I was talking with a gentleman of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation who described an encounter he and his brother had with a sasquatch…

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