Issue: 2023 April 19

April 19, 2023
Freshly caught Burbot still on the line holder

Catch Of The Day

Yukon photographer Cathie Archbould headed to the Southern Lakes region recently with a group of friends to spend a day…

Pork Belly

The Venerable Pork Belly

I love cooked fresh pork belly, the exquisite combination of crispy skin, luscious fat and tender meat that chefs in the Yukon do so well.

The winner for best photo from 2022: Evelyn Stewart and sibling, from Haines Junction.

Signs of Spring

Spring may be a season known for false starts, but in the Yukon, there’s one way to know it has begun, with the Rivers to Ridges’ annual…

gathering spruce tips

Gifts From Mother Nature

Earth Day is approaching. The annual event is held every year on April 22 and is celebrated by over one billion people…

Taking a new Yukoner for a first snowmobile ride

It’s The End Of The Trail

Spring has arrived in the Yukon, and with that comes the last days of snowmobiling season. And what a good season it was!

A black powder hand gun

OMG! He’s got a gun!

A few years back, in the course of my genealogy search, I found my great-grandfather’s obituary. He joined the Toronto Naval Brigade…

A baby and a dog

First Pets

Growing up, we always had animals in the house. I honestly can’t remember a time when my family didn’t have a furry friend included…

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