Issue: 2023 May 10


OMG! It’s a Pit Bull!

A pit bull has a forehead. A bull terrier’s head looks like a football. He’s got this great big nose so he can lower his head and bash…

Wrapped and ready for the fridge

Gin And Dill Gravlax

This recipe works well with a fish from the store or a fish from the river. Adding a couple bags of tea to the cure adds a bit of tannic…


More Cabbage, Please!

Cabbage is still relatively inexpensive and has always been delicious, raw or cooked. I think many of us grew up with boiled or steamed…

music teachers

Walking The Walk

Music teachers in the Yukon don’t seem to have a minute to rest. For example, Annie Avery, who spoke with me about the Yukon Registered…


Northern Gardening

The spring season is upon us. Retail stores are starting to set up their garden centres, seed racks are coming out on display…

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