Issue: 2023 May 17


The Way Home

I was recently sitting in the Vancouver Airport waiting for my Air North flight back to Whitehorse. It’s a scene familiar to most Yukoners…

Hey Now, You’re An Allspark!

To say the Yukon Allsparks have been on a roll is an understatement. After coming away from the BC provincial FIRST Lego League Challenge…


Foraging for Wild Plants

Wherever you go in the world, you will inevitably come across medicinal and edible plants. It seems to me that no place inhabited…

Tuna Onigiri

Tuna Rice Balls

Tuna rice balls wrapped in roasted seaweed sheets is a wordy way of saying Tuna Onigiri. You can fill these rice balls…

Jamie Shaw

Remembering Jamie Shaw

Every one of us who goes to school or who participates in sports experiences a number of teachers and coaches along the way.

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