James Cackette

Night Lights Columnist James “Deep Sky” Cackette is a Yukon Astronomer. James is one of What’s Up Yukon’s original 12 writers! Our local sky expert since February 2005. You can follow him on his facebook page Yukon Night Skies

From the publisher’s desk

Time flies when you’re having fun! Our goal at What’s Up Yukon has always been to be a true reflection of Yukon’s living culture. Before we started this little magazine, our family knew there was way more happening here than we could keep track of. It almost seemed as though the Yukon kept its entertainment, …

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Adventure starts here

It was novelist Lawrence Hill who told me while we sipped tea in the Downtown Hotel dining room in Dawson in March that his early career as a journalist taught him to embrace the adventure of his stories. The beauty of living in the North is the adventure that is innate to every story. Pursuing …

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The colon: Abracadabra!

Rising just above the horizon, the moon appears larger than it actually is, much larger than when it’s overhead. The colon is like that—abracadabra!—appearing in a way that has a sometimes-magical affect.

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