Jody Peters

Canadian concert series comes to Whitehorse

Aurora, a Canadian company that produces and distributes medical marijuana, is putting on a national series of free concerts to celebrate cannabis culture and the imminent legalization of marijuana through music and arts.

A marriage of funk and soul

“I’ve always wanted to come back and share what Yukoners have helped me build,” says Jesse Peters. “Hey, you guys got me started and here is where I am and I want to thank you so much.” The Yukon Arts Centre stage will be a homecoming for Peters and also a family reunion as he …

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Peters Drury Trio—then and now

If you lived in the Yukon in the 90s, then you know the Peters Drury Trio. There was Caroline Drury with her crystal-clear voice; there was Graeme Peters, wildly talented on the drums and, well, just wild; and there was his brother, Jesse, the skilled tactician on piano. They were talented and fun and incredibly …

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Dancing to Graeme Peters’ Pain

Someone must have hurt Graeme Peters really badly because he’s gone completely emo on us. Emo, for those of you unfamiliar with punk subgenres, is about reaching into your own chest and tearing out the aching heart inside and showing everyone how broken it is. Plus you can dance to it. With Speed Control‘s new …

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From Nashville, In Overdrive

Speed Control is all about the performance. The Whitehorse pop-punk trio – guitarist Graeme Peters, his brother and bass player Jody Peters and drummer Spencer Cole – give a show that can make anyone take notice. To improve those performance skills, the Peters brothers travelled from Whitehorse (and Cole from Seoul, South Korea) to meet …

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Rock in a Rush

Would-be rockers in Haines Junction and Faro have a chance to perfect their performance chops in the next few weeks, with help from rock trio Speed Control. The group, comprised of lead singer and guitarist Graeme Peters, drummer Spencer Cole and bassist Jody Peters, is offering “rock camps” in the two communities on back-to-back weekends, …

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Irrepressible Energy

Catchy and up-beat, with plenty of the brazen, in-your-face rock attitude that has become their signature, Speed Control‘s second and latest album, F.A.B., hit the streets on August 7 and has since been uploaded to iTunes and CDBaby. The album was produced by Saskatchewan-based producer David J. Taylor, who first saw Speed Control perform at …

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