July 15 2020

What’s Up Yukon July 15 Issue

CJUC Headquarters

Radio Stars!

Yukon Arts In the Park returns for 2020 season and will broadcast live on CJUC 92.5 FM radio station. Check out the line up!

Gin, Gin, Gin-ity Gin

This selection of cocktails is, you guessed it, inspired by gin, but really, it’s inspired by the Prohibition era cocktails of the Roaring Twenties.

The Empress Will Lead the Way

I sought a message for us, collectively and as individuals, about our relationships to the some of the current events in the world. My heart was lifted by the card we were given. The Empress.

Locally raised, locally made

July 22 is National Hot Dog Day (which is, apparently, a thing) and why celebrate with just any ol’ meat on a bun when you could have one made with locally raised pork? Support a farmer, love your butcher.

Full eclipse

It just hit me—I need this back.” Rick Massie hadn’t played guitar or any other instrument for around 15 years before he started working on his debut solo album. He claims he never really prioritized music, and though he played in all kinds of bands when he was younger, he drifted further and further away …

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Heading out to hit the outdoor head

The Klondike Visitor Association (KVA) is hosting one of its most beloved and ridiculous events, The Great Klondike International Outhouse Race on August 1 in Dawson City.

Reaching the World Through Dance

Before COVID-19 Gurdeep Pandher had never considered teaching an online class.“I had always believed that to be effective classes needed to be taught in-person,” he explained. Despite that hesitation Pandher, who teaches bhangra, decided to give the world of online teaching a try. He hosted his first online class in March.

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