July 24 2019

Moose and corn turnovers

Moose and corn turnovers

Anyone who hunts knows that when you harvest an animal you’re always going to end up with a ton of ground meat. These turnovers are great with any sort of ground and make a fantastic snack to have with a few cocktails, or even a light, quick lunch. They also freeze really well after they’ve …

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Living With Wildlife

Driving to the fish ladder, I noticed something orange out of the corner of my eye. There was a mother fox with her 7 babies (kits) sitting on a driveway. They were everywhere! It looked like they were living in somebody’s yard. I ended up walking across the street to where they were hanging out, …

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Get out on the land

The Yukon Fish and Game Association’s Youth Outdoor Education Camp took place June 22 to 28 In an increasingly digital and wired world, the annual Yukon Fish and Game Association (YFGA) camp for Yukon youth is an opportunity to unplug from phones and games, experience the land and reconnect with the natural world. “It really …

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Bon voyage

Back in those days, ‘20s and ‘30s was known as the Golden Age of Tourism. It was a pretty busy time! I have lots of old maps from that era. Fold-out maps to show the layout of the boats,” Sid tells me on this very smoky day in Beaver Creek, Yukon. He brings out a …

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I Trapped With Adam Tizya

The year was January 1975 When I trapped with Andrew Tizya. I was just a young man And Andrew was my teacher. We mushed our dog teams And we walked with snowshoes. L’il Andy showed me how to trap And how to skin animals. We set snares for rabbits And he cooked rabbit stew. Andrew …

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Deer hunting recipes

With hunting season once again upon us, it’s time to attempt to read those hurried, scribbled-down notes of some great wild-game recipes that I have received from many of the big-game hunters I have met, or hunted with, over the years.

Nature versus hunting

How can I go out and shoot an animal? It might surprise you that many animals that go through meatpacking companies are actually shot with a .22 caliber stunning bullet, then hung up by the back legs, then sliced so they can bleed to death in a way that makes the meat of that animal …

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Camping: Timesaving tips

Foul weather can wreck more than your mood when you’re out camping and hunting moose. Simple tips and tricks.

Dog Culture – Steve Wilson

Lulu may be the smallest dog in the Yukon, but she is all Yukon. At a whopping five pounds, deaf and toothless, her bark is literally worse than her bite! We recently had some added excitement on our evening walk when we encountered a fox coming up our driveway as we were leaving. When Lulu …

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