Issue: 2021 June 16

Come and see the wildlife!

The Yukon hasn’t seen many nice days yet this summer, but there are still ample outdoor opportunities. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve, for example, has a full season planned.

Karen Thomas’s 2020 Landscape series

Karen Thomas takes a light-hearted approach to art-making. This makes for a joyful experience for folks who take in her exhibit 2020 Landscape Series: A Path Forward which is currently showing at Arts Underground in Whitehorse.

Bologna Pockets

Please make these adorable round sandwiches and fry them until they’re golden and gooey, then dip them in yellow mustard and ketchup.

Jesse Devost’s Superposition

In Superposition, Jesse Devost’s new exhibition at Arts Underground, Devost defines superposition as “the physical paradox of two distinct states, when added together equal a new valid state.

How We See Things

Odile: Look at the beautiful trees! Allan: Where’s my chainsaw? Odile: Look at the cute fox! Allan: Where’s my trap? Odile: Look at the adorable rabbit! Allan: Where’s my snare? Odile: Look at the magnificent Caribou! Allan: Where’s my rifle? Odile: Look at the cute fish! Allan: Where’s my fishing rod? Odile: Look at the …

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