Issue: 2021 June 2

Springing forth

Lately there’s been a lot of media coverage about “languishing” and people experiencing stress due to COVID-19 restrictions. I hate to admit it, but I think I have finally succumbed to COVID burnout.

A new arrival

The August Arrival’s first new music in a decade. “ it’s nice to be putting out something a little more public.”

A Hubbub of Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a good producer to just keep harvesting, resulting in a pile-up of chopped rhubarb in bags in the freezer. A hubbub of rhubarb!

Quest for Water

The 2021 Yukon River Quest will happen, come hell or high water, and there will be high water. “We all feel a little bit rusty this year”

A decade of Created at the Canyon

Yukon Conservation Society’s “Created at the Canyon,” a live multi-media art event celebrating the creative process of local artists.

If you visit Old Crow

If you visit Old Crow Sadie will take you to the mall Mason will show you the traffic lights Abbie will take you on the elevator…

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