June 3 2020 Online

It’s Spruce Tip Season!

For those as yet uninitiated, spruce tips are one of those truly magical wild northern foods. They’re packed with Vitamin C and have been used by Indigenous people to soothe sore throats and combat flu for centuries.

Howls of the past are echoing again thanks to Joanna Lilley

The England-born, Yukon-based writer has just released her third poetry collection, Endlings, in which each poem is inspired by a different extinct animal species. The passenger pigeon is there, as is the Labrador duck, the Chinese river dolphin and the great auk. For Lilley the project is an extension of themes that have percolated for years. “Animals …

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Awaken to spring with Gwandaak Theatre

With the arrival of spring, Gwaandak Theatre introduced the Awaken Festival for the first time ever! Gwaandak Theatre is the only Indigenous-centered theatre company in the Yukon, and has been empowering Indigenous and Northern voices since 2000.


A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest” One of the advantages of being both hard-of-hearing and slightly daffy is the luxury of nattering away to oneself when there’s no one else within earshot. I spend the majority of my time alone, which suits me just fine. Why I should I impose …

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Parenting in a Pandemic

Having my kids home all day isn’t a new thing, as I was a stay-at-home parent for the last six years of my life. But being home all day with my kids while simultaneously watching the world fall apart around us is a new thing, however.


As we wade deeper and deeper into the Pandemic, it’s time to search a little deeper into a movie that might hit a shade closer to home.

Putting delicious food into the hands of Yukoners

Wayfarer Oyster House provides takeout and off-sales during the time of COVID-19 COVID-19 has dramatically changed things for Yukon’s restaurant community, including Wayfarer Oyster House. “If there’s a word to describe everything right now, it’s different,” explained the co-owners of Wayfarer Oyster House, Andrew Seymour, Brian Ng and Eddie Rideout.  “Like our peers across the …

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Dandelions and rituals

It all started with a dandelion. Funny how small things can make a difference. 
And funny too how, when I have time, I can actually realize that.

Break it up!

The Special Olympics Yukon Team, who have since been working from home, continue to voluntarily create weekly virtual content to help keep athletes and the community engaged in fun and healthy ways. 

Student noodles

These noodles are perfect for students, or those of us who let their pantries get down to pretty much nothing before venturing out. Which is pretty much all of us these days.

Cooking up some good

A group of Yukon chefs saw a community need in the wake of COVID-19 and have stepped up to fill it in a big way. The Yukon Chef Collective is a group of passionate, local culinary professionals who have come together to give back by creating meals for the Whitehorse Food Bank.

Sundog: Where Taking Care of You Feeds Other People Too

When guests started cancelling in February, Yukon resort owners Heather and Andrew Finton knew 2020 was going to be a challenge. When the borders to the States and around the world closed they knew their tourism business needed a brave new start. “We looked around at what’s here on site, and how to share it,” …

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Making sure Yukoners can still get their pho-fix is not the only way Lan Tang, owner of Pho 5 Star Restaurant, is contributing during the pandemic.

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