Ken Hermanson

Kyle Cashen’s Immediacy Of Music

Kyle Cashen, part of the Whitehorse power trio Friend Called Five, has released a long-awaited, full-length CD of original songs under the banner of Crash the Car. A comparison, albeit unfair, to Neil Young’s Harvest album, rose to mind while I was listening to They Built Houses Here for the first time. There is something …

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P-Wing: Not your daddy’s cover band

Pegasus Wing beckons listeners to recall the profound messages and blissful sounds made by artists whom (unbeknown to them at the time) stood at the 80s doorstep of strange musical wonder, having just come off a 70s classic rock high. André Gagné, Fiona Solon, Ken Hermanson, Micah Smith, and Mike Millar (with an “a”) collectively …

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Ready for the Road

It takes almost three weeks to nail down a time and place to interview Gordie Tentrees and Sarah MacDougall. When the appointed time comes – a late Wednesday afternoon – they are running behind and still haven’t had lunch. Tentrees seems more than a little frazzled, tossing out half-finished thoughts as he munches something decidedly …

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