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Kids & Family

There Goes my Life

2016 marks one of the most significant changes in my life.Over the years my hunting partner and I have sat around for days goose hunting, destroyed our boat moose hunting and had adventures that all the money in the world could...

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Berry Picking in Old Crow

Many people enjoy harvesting berries in preparation for the long winter months.  Although I have a busy schedule as a caregiver at my family day home, Trinin Tsul Zheh (which means the home of the little children in the Gwichin...

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Fill the Parks

There are two things that really frustrate me — and they are related.First, the couches in my house have permanent dents from the backsides of my kids.”Go outside and do something,” I say, echoing the words from the...

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What’s the ‘Rush’?

“I have a lot of fun with Dot,” says Trish Barclay, her eyes squinting into a voice that sounds like it belongs to a pirate.That needs an explanation.Barclay says her character and that of “Bert”, played...

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Hold your child’s hand … not a cellphone

Does it bother you when you see a parent spank their child in public?I think it bothers most people, but it is legal (to a point) and it is none of our business.But I would love to be able to get that parent’s attention...

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Understanding the value of a road

How many memories are created by a simple family vacation …Depending on how you look in the rear-view mirror, the road behind can seem rocky – one of bad luck and poor decisions – or like a yellow-brick road of which each...

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