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Kim Barlow

Blue Hibou collaboration spans the country

With Kim Barlow’s recent departure from the Yukon, the local music scene appeared to have lost its most well-known singer-songwriter. However, Blue Hibou, Barlow’s collaboration with Hélène Beaulieu and Micah Smith,...

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Kim Barlow Hits the Road

Singer-songwriter Kim Barlow hasn’t accumulated much worth selling in her 20 years in the Yukon, but she has amassed enough friends and fans to warrant a goodbye concert.Kim Barlow’s Send-Off Concert will feature...

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A grand-slam week for music lovers

If you are a lover of music, this is one fantastic week to be a Yukoner.Check it out: you have Justin Haynes, Jean Martin and Ryan Driver playing at the Old Fire Hall on Saturday; then Don Ross and Brooke Miller will be at the...

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