Kim Melton

Edible Yukon Columnist Kim Melton is an enthusiastic forager and gardener, inspired by all things that make up good, local food.
Kim Melton is based in the Klondike. She likes being creative in the dark.

A Walk in the Park

Whenever I travel to cities I seek out green space for the familiarity of trees and the relative quiet. While Day 1 in Delhi was a lesson on how it’s true, everyone is trying to scam us, and the best artists make you feel like they’ve done you a favour, on Day 2 we gamely …

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A Poem a Day

If you peruse the 365 poems that make up the Tumblr feed from Lori Garrison’s latest poetry project, Today, In the News, you won’t find much in the way of introspection or outpourings of feeling from individual experiences. But you may find lines that resonate, even if you aren’t really into poetry. That was Garrison’s …

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Pancake Tuesday

Seasonal eaters, whether they are gardeners, foragers, or locavores reading the labels at the grocery store, know that the lean time of year isn’t during the dead of winter. Then, storerooms are still stocked with plump sacks of potatoes resting contentedly beneath jars of pickled beets that glow like rubies in the dusty shine of …

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Ah, stuff. Sometimes my life can feel way too focused on the next thing I think I “need”, as precious hours are spent reorganizing the ones I already have in order to make room. When I get fed up and hop on my anti-materialistic horse, my mind is split between rationalizing what I have and …

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The Green Rush

Right on schedule, my sprout craving has arisen from where it lay quietly dormant since the fall, nestled snug beneath the desire for stews and roasted root vegetables. The herbs I’ve kept in the house are responding to the same cues, with tiny pale green leaves emerging from the nodes of their twiggy stems. I’m …

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Remembering Al Baer

This fall I attended the Yukon Biodiversity Forum, a yearly round-up of biology goings-on in the territory. I reunited with old friends and met new ones, and was overjoyed to hear that an old mentor of mine was planning on coming back to the territory. Alan Baer had taught me the art of strapping antennae to …

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Living With Wildlife: Kim Melton

This gorgeous caterpillar was enjoying the fireweed growing out of the deck in August. I saw one more like it in October while cleaning up the garden, but otherwise have never seen its match in size or colour north of 60. I would love to know what it has become, if there are any larvae experts in the …

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