Klondike Snowmobile Association (KSA)

A snowmobile on the trail

Safe Riders

Snowmobiling is a fun and safe activity for the whole family, and riders like you can help us keep it that way.

A snowmobile on a trail

How’s your etiquette?

Yes, as much as you don’t want to, you really should mind your table manners. However, there’s more to life than just the dinner table…

Snowmobiles on a frozen lake

So, You Need A Snowmobile

Two- or four-stroke? Long- or short-track? Utility or crossover? Snowmobile shopping can be overwhelming for a beginner…

A man with a snowmobile and trail groomer

Snowmobiling Is A Year-Round Activity

It may sound crazy, but long-time snowmobile enthusiasts will agree with us when we say snowmobiling really can be a year-round activity.

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