Helping to Warm Whitehorse Feet

Knitters work to warm others. Whitehorse knitters are aiming to craft 150 pairs of socks to contribute to the city’s Outreach Van.

Who knit you?

In 2015 my husband, Roger, and I visited Newfoundland; we rented a vehicle and hit the road. The breathtaking western shore drive took us through Gros Morne National Park and along the coast to L’Anse aux Meadows. A knitter for most of my life, I was struck at the knitting industry alive and thriving on …

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Bend the Rules of Exercise

While Whitehorse’s newest yoga studio True North Massage and Yoga just opened, it’s already setting itself apart from the other offerings in town. The yoga studio, located at 407 Black Street, opened mid-January. Since opening, its owners Sheila MacLean and Stephanie Padfield have set their sights on community partnerships and a hybrid approach to the …

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Wool Gathering

The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre, located at 38 Lewes Boulevard, is a unique location in Whitehorse. Involvement of community members across generations is the focus of the centre. There is programming to nurture children and youth as well as adult programs. I have been asked to speak about The Sock Project – 2017 Canada …

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A new place to knit

Jackie Yaklin is a true knitter. If you see her at the dentist office, she likely has knitting needles in her hands conjuring up something warm for someone. “It is like an obsession and I seem to be really obsessed with starting projects,” she admits. “I have four projects going on right now.” Yaklin likes …

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Community Knitting

22,360 stitches an average sized pair of hand knit socks I knit in the morning I knit at night I knit in my car only at a red light. I recently had my blood pressure and heart rate checked. When I told my sister my heart rate at rest was 61, she said, “Well that’s …

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The Beauty of Icelandic Socks

Blönduós is a small town situated at the mouth of River Blanda, in northwest Iceland. Iceland is largely an Arctic desert punctuated by mountains, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and waterfalls. Most of the vegetation and agricultural areas are found in the coastal lowlands. Willows, heathers, grasses, crowberry, bilberry and lichens are just some of …

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Next Stop, Serab

I love to travel; seeing new places, meeting new people. Experience, after all is priceless. I also love to knit. Imagine my delight when I purchased Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen, with 93 pages of history and knitting. The book is published by Cooperative Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 2010. Hunter Hammersen has designed 14 sock …

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Folk Art in the Forest

From the northwest to the farthest eastern point, I have seen Canada. Last month, Roger and I travelled to Newfoundland. We left our cozy forest home and set off for St. John’s on July 14. On the northernmost tip of the province’s Northern Peninsula we visited the historic village of L’Anse aux Meadows, a tiny …

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An Arty Party: Whitehorse’s first Etsy Craft Party will be hosted on the waterfront

Yukoners who are feeling crafty and don’t mind working in front of an audience may want to head down to the wharf on the Whitehorse waterfront after work this Friday. That’s where the territory’s first Etsy Craft Party will take place, in conjunction with similar events around the world the same day. Etsy is an …

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Hooked on Hand-Dyeing

Baby alpaca and baby camel grow some very nice wool that can be sheared off and spun into  beautifully soft balls of yarn. Skeins of yarn, actually – that’s the term that Whitehorse artist Sophie Jessome uses. She and her boyfriend Yann Le Roy have a passion for natural fibre. They’re also interested in learning old …

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