Kritter Talk

Casper, The Friendly Colt

There’s a new baby on the farm. Well, I am far too excited to write anything serious today. We have a brand new addition to the farm. A beautiful buckskin colt who we are currently calling Casper. I’m not positive if that name will stick yet or not but that is what we are trying …

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Dog House of Straw

Once again, we are at the beginning of another long Yukon winter. For new dog owners, it may also mean that it’s time to get a doghouse ready for the colder weather. There are several options when a canine shelter is needed. Buying a doghouse is the easiest way to go and there are several …

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Mixing Dogs with Oil

I had a request to put together some information on which oils can be used to supplement a dog’s diet to improve their coat and skin quality. For those of you who have never heard of giving your dog oil and are wondering why the heck anyone would go to such trouble, it’s because our …

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