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Yukon Liquor Store (Liquor Corporation)

The Best Trend in Wine

This is a wine trend that anyone could enthusiastically embrace – wine and chips! Planning a casual night of watching a show or reading by the fire welcomes a glass of wine and a little snack into the evening. But the snack...

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Good beer is like fine wine

If it weren’t for the colour of the beverages being swirled in the tasting glasses, you would think you had stumbled upon a wine-tasting event.But, no, this would be the second annual Yukon Beer Festival at the Kwanlin Dün...

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Bourbon and Words to Live By

On a sunny Saturday a few weeks ago I joined 70 other curious souls at a bourbon tasting andbarbecue cohosted by the Yukon Chamber of Commerce and the Yukon Liquor Corporation.Seventeen different fine and rare bourbons were set...

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Cherries for the Delayed Win

Last holiday season I cajoled members of my family into forming teams and entering a contest, invented by me, entitled, “The First Annual Shake-off, Stiroff Cocktail Competition,” to be held on Christmas day just prior to...

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Big House Red

I was in the Yukon Liquor Corporation about six weeks ago, when I was delighted to make the acquaintance of an old friend.Looking for an interesting red, I saw a familiar label on an unfamiliar carton. On the bottom shelf of the...

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Matching Wine to Cheese Fondue

I’m always interested whether when people choose the foods for dinner first, and then select accompanying wines, or vice versa. I use both methods.Several weekends ago my partner and I hosted a cheese fondue in honour of a...

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