Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation

The Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation is one of the 14 First Nations in Yukon, and has a membership of 670 citizens. The First Nation holds elections for their One Chief and Six Councillors every four years, these numbers included on the Chief and

A holiday mailing box

The Purolator Artist

Purolator has unveiled this year’s limited-edition holiday art boxes representing all provinces and territories including a Yukon artist.

Carmacks agate

Quartz is everywhere; it is the second most common mineral making up the Earth’s crust, just behind feldspar. Quartz is composed of the two elements silicon and oxygen. It has many different forms.

Hunting with Gary Sam

I remember well while hunting with Gary Sam he suddenly jumped off his horse and ran into the bush. “I got it,. We ate well that night!

Northern Bard: Lianne Charlie “huk’an gųą [fireweed] “

huk’an gųą [fireweed]  The ground still smolders  Flames lick the remaining trees, now posts Raw Standing stoic on the land Blackened burns sting to the touch Igniting memories that dance around us in the smoke – Ash smudged on our faces Making us dirty with their gaze They try to wash us away Wholly Water …

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Morel Hunting

A year after the forest fire, anarchy blooms in the Little Salmon/Carmacks bush. Free-growing morel mushrooms attract transient seasonal workers from all over the world; we form camps with no one in charge. As I plan to pick mushrooms in the Yukon wilderness, this is what locals press me to be wary of — not …

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Talent and Passion

The Yukon is blessed with a huge number of talented and passionate women. It would take much more space than I have here to pay tribute to even just a handful of these inspiring ladies but I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve had to narrow the list down to five who have inspired …

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When Home isn’t a Happy Place

For 20 years Eleanor Millard has been providing support to grandparents who want to rescue their grandchildren. Year after year, Millard’s phone rings, and an anonymous person on the other end needs help figuring out what the options are for taking a grandchild away from the parents. “They usually say they’re worried about their grandchildren, …

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