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Longest Night

Not your grandma’s chamber music

Musical ear candy – that’s how Daniel Janke describes the Problematic Orchestra.“It’s pretty wacky music,” he said of the 20-person chamber music group he directs. “Some of it is very playful, as the title implies.“It’s not...

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No Orchestra? No Problem

Trying to provide professional-calibre orchestral music in a small northern city can be … well, problematic. Just ask Daniel Janke. “The main problem is we don’t have an orchestra. We live in a community where...

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A Shakespearean Celebration of the Solstice

Besides the regular fare of snow-covered sidewalks, holiday decorations and bundled-up pedestrians, this time of year signals the impending arrival of two familiar – and connected – occurrences: the winter solstice and the...

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One of many moving parts

Theatre isn’t just about the actors on stage. And while Moving Parts Theatre concentrates on methods and techniques for its players, it also provides community members with important roles behind the scenes.Balancing...

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A fresh longest night

In an interview, two weeks before Longest Night 2009, director Daniel Janke said the evening was still a mystery to him.”I’ve been writing new material – we are all writing new material – so there is not much that...

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Maybe we are not alone

Yukon skies could be busier than usual next week as extraterrestrial visitors zoom in on the Yukon Arts Centre.The annual Longest Night celebration is taking a playful look at alien life forms through film, story and music.Among...

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