Issue: 2021 March 10

Photo-bombed by a moose

I didn’t see the moose when I took the pictures, nor when I looked at the images the first time. I was too busy enjoying the shots of the sun-kissed Three Guardsmen peaks and the brilliant skyline. I had been photo-bombed by a moose—twice! Imagine the story the moose had to tell back with his buddies.

Fried klik and sweet pickled cucumbers

Klik is basically SPAM from Ontario. Emulsified, salty, fatty, canned meat. If it’s something you’re into, you’re really into it. If you’re not, or if you’ve never tried it, this is a good first kick at the klik can.

Spring Cleaning

I shovel dog poop. I shovel moose poop. I shovel caribou poop. I shovel rabbit poop. I shovel wolf poop. I shovel squirrel poop. I shovel ptarmigan poop. I shovel marten poop. I shovel lynx poop. I shovel sheep poop. I shovel crow poop. I shovel weasel poop. I shovel wolverine poop. I shovel mink …

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Yukon’s Best Friend: Arrow

Yukon’s Best Friend: Arrow doesn’t let her small size stop her from showing off! Submit your Yukon dog photo too.

Jan Ogilvy’s interest in a maligned monarch

A particular hobby has been occupying historians for hundreds of years, including long-time Yukoner and history enthusiast Jan Ogilvy. The pastime she shares with thousands of people around the world is unraveling the truth about Richard III, former King of England, now dead some 535 years.

Yukon yoga takes a hit

Overall, the pandemic has caused many changes to yoga in the Yukon, what it will be in the future still remains to be seen.

Junk Food

It’s another junk food season, especially for those suffering from cabin fever.

For our children tomorrow

Closeup of Velma Olson’s beadwork on Sidney Anderson’s 2015 graduation dress [one_half] To my mind, Honouring Our Future: Yukon First Nations Graduation Regalia is among the most important art exhibits to take place in the Yukon over the past 10 years. I invite you to consider the effects the art processes displayed have on the …

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Know before you go

James Minifie maintains one of the Yukon region’s remote weather stations. The data provided by these units is used to help produce the avalanche forecast. PHOTO: Jennifer Coulter If record-breaking snowfalls and COVID-19 cabin fever have you charging for the hills, come to a full-spray stop and make sure you know how to keep yourself, …

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Tackle box or junk box?

The water is still hard and ice-fishing is good, but now is the time to take out all your open water gear and do some maintenance and organizing. You could get by without a gear inspection, but come July you’ll hate yourself for the condition of your tackle and its containers. IEventually, we all have …

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Out of Nowhere

Yukon artist Ambrose has been challenging herself to grow as a singer and songwriter for years, and she’s just released her second full-length album.

An indigenous fable for all ages

Teiakwanahstahsontéhrha’ (We Extend the Rafters) is the latest exhibition at Dawson City’s ODD Gallery. The machina animation style movie is projected on the east wall at the far end of a metal frame structure which mimics the look of an Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) style longhouse.

Changing Gear changing hands

Changing Gear ticks off several boxes: it’s well set up, it’s a great facility, it’s something he can grow with, and the location

It’s a small world – Part 1

While tourists worry about bears in the Yukon, I worry about the excess of mosquitoes we’ve had this summer. I am prone to bad bug bites.

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