March 25 2020

What’s Up Yukon March 25, 2020

In the footsteps of her great-grandfather

In 1898, Ione Christensen’s great-grandfather and his four sons hiked the Chilkoot Trail on their way to find fortune in the Klondike gold fields. Over her lifetime, Christensen, who recently turned 86, has spent a lot of time on the historic trail herself.

Black bears and pike

After considerable thought, I can’t come up with any similarity between black bears and pike except that a lot of people won’t eat either. That is sad, as both are delicious and easy to prepare.

Muskrat season

In the delta, March meant one thing—muskrat trapping season was open. And trapped muskrat pelts fetched damned near $2.50 apiece back in 1976.

April is Autism Awareness Month

Celebrating Neurodiversity – Autism Spectrum Disorder [one_half] Just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two people—and no two brains—are alike. What do the following people have in common? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, musician Emily Dickinson, Poet Dan Aykroyd, actor Sir Isaac Newton, scientist Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon creator Albert Einstein, scientist Daryl Hannah, actor Michelangelo, artist …

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Bringing the world of the culinary arts to Yukoners

For every Yukoner who has ever felt intimidated by a new recipe or technique in the kitchen Chef Catherine (Cat) McInroy is here to help. She is the owner/operator of the only privately-owned culinary education centre in the Canadian North.

Ginny’s ‘Boys’ – the k9 ones!

Ginny and her husband, Grant, are in their mid to late sixties and have three adult sons – Danny, Kevin and Sean. Acquiring anything new, let alone two puppies requiring toilet and other training, was not something many couples in their age category were signing up for. 

Seeing your own brain

We rely on our brains, but how much do we know about them and their inner workings? Seeing your own brain when a doctor illuminates an X-ray is not an experience one may ever forget, especially if the doctor points to it.

Podcasting for fun and fortune

I know computers and have taught school students the miracles of manipulating music and noise with software. I could turn my stories into podcasts!

Seven tips for bringing home a new pup

You’re excited for the arrival of your new pup. You have all the necessary, and maybe some unnecessary, gear. Here are seven tips to help your pup settle in for the first three days.

Dawson in the deep freeze

The most annoying thing about being fully dressed to walk outside at -45 degrees Celsius is that I can’t see my feet.


On a cold day, cuddled up under blankets, this is the perfect escapism to enjoy with some loved ones.

Five Spice rubbed Gravlax

Gravlax is one of the simplest, kinda luxurious foods you can make at home. Just a few ingredients and some patience and you’ve got a beautiful cured salmon that will impress any guest.

Yukon See It Here: Kimie Izawa

Whitehorse resident Kimie Izawa is an aurora enthusiast who takes pictures of the Northen Lights as long as time allows and thinks that the Yukon, especially Tombstone Territorial Park, is one of the best places for aurora viewing.

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