Martial Arts

Tai Chi? Why Not?

Many people I have spoken to about Tai Chi have the mistaken impression that it is tortuously slow or that one simply stands around holding weird poses for no apparent reason, or that there are no health benefits. Luckily, I did not have any of these misconceptions.

White wolves of summer

Have you ever been seized by the sudden urge to don a suit of plate armour and bludgeon other armoured people with a mace? Perhaps your answer is a hearty “Yes!” but it certainly wasn’t for Land Pearson, at least not before he strapped on the armour.

Full metal and padded jacket

Many Yukoners will have seen members of the Company of the White Wolf at events around the territory. It’s hard to miss grown men and women dressed in full medieval combat armour, striking each other with swords and axes.

Kick up your fitness

The Elite Martial Arts Academy (EMAA) first opened its doors back in May of last year and has been gaining momentum ever since.

The Art of Judo – Yukon-Style

Walk into École Émilie Tremblay (EET) on a Monday or a Thursday evening and you may be surprised to see that the usual school gymnasium is transformed into a dojo, complete with a giant tatami (floor mat) and filled with students, donning their crisp white judogi, diligently training in the Japanese martial art of judo. …

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Wushu Comes to Whitehorse

Last November, Whitehorse entrepreneur Stephen Kwok Wai-Kan was in Vancouver in his part-time role as liaison officer between the Yukon and Chinese governments. When Her Excellency Lui Fei, China’s consul general in that city, asked if he’d be interested in having some Chinese performers come to Whitehorse to help celebrate the Chinese New Year, Kwok …

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Harnessing Your Chi

The ancient martial arts and those who master them are often praised for their speed, power, and feats of incredible strength. Most people will likely think of Kung Fu or Karate, and conjure images of Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch sending men tumbling to the ground, or Jet Li utilizing a spinning crescent kick to …

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Back to Basics

There is a story told about Gichin Funikoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate, in the later years of his life. He was at a senior karate students practice and was practising an outside forearm block over and over. This is a movement that is often taught within the first couple of months to anyone joining …

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Martial Art and More

In the padded and tranquil setting of the Aikido Yukon studio, students are warming up with their instructor William Jones by doing side push-ups. “Now everyone do a set of handstand push-ups,” says Jones with a twinkle in his eye. “Welcome to capoeira.” Capoeira (pronounced ka-poo-eyh-rah) is an Afro-Brazilian martial art and self-defence discipline that …

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