Issue: 2021 May 12

A cheesy business plan

Jill Johnstone turned to cheese-making for her scientific outlet. Let her show you through a 12 week training program.

The Road Less Travelled: The Dempster Part 1

As the Alaska Highway became more accessible and faded from myth and legend, The Dempster Highway, for me and many others, became the new Holy Grail. It enticed us with the promise of adventure, of unseen vistas.

Dreary and Izzy at the Guild

This May, Whitehorse’s Guild Hall is presenting Dreary and Izzy, a play by Tara Beagan which centres on a pair of sisters who have lost their parents in a car accident.

Old Fashioned Candy

I used to eat smarties with Stevie I used to eat jelly beans with Adeline I used to eat jawbreakers with Ernest I used to eat candy necklaces with Doris I used to eat tootsie rolls with Glenna I used to eat hard candy with David I used to eat licorice candy with Dianne I …

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Yummy dumplings

Anne’s Dumplings took off in the last year. Anne Huang-Power can’t keep up with the demand for her dumplings.

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