Mendenhall Subdivision

Investigating lost bull semen

Marcelle Dubé has written the fifth novel of her Mendenhall Mystery Series titled The Forsaken Men. Her Mendenhall isn’t a subdivision of Whitehorse, but rather a fictive place in Manitoba.

Welcome 30 Below!

I was just getting started on working with Hollywood, my horse, out in Mendenhall (our home) when my grandparents were talking about the weather one night. As I lay in bed I couldn’t help to listen in when I heard “30 below.” Yikes! Anyway, he sucked it up after 20 minutes of walking in a …

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Kinnikinnick’s Latin name, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, comes from arctos and ursi meaning bear and staphylos and uva meaning bunch of grapes. Amazing: the taste of those little grapes! I just tried something I had never tried before, but had read about several times. As it happens, I was treating a certain condition I had. I always …

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Things the Forest Hides

Talking to my friend Mary Whitley, a fellow explorer, we started discussing how many trails we had found this summer that we did not even know existed. She was finding them on her side of town around  Mount Lorne, and I was finding them on mine around the Mendenhall Subdivision. So, on one of those …

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Along the Jo-Jo Lake Trail

The history of the Jo-Jo Lake trail goes a long way back, as the people of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations can tell you. “It’s been a horse trail for hunting forever, since way before my time,” 95-year-old Alex Van Bibber tells me. According to the highly-respected elder and outdoorsman, there is an outfitter …

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Meandering Along the Mendenhall

In most places the river is around 20 feet wide, making it a perfect thoroughfare, even for dog sleds and snow machines, although there are snags and deadfall. The people who use it have tried to cut the overhanging trees, but as the banks slowly erode, trees keep falling across and into the river. My …

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A Day on Mount Vanier

Of all the mountains around the Mendenhall subdivision, I had never made it to the most prominent, Mount Vanier. I can’t see it from my house, but my neighbour Kathi had been looking at it through her living room window for seven years, longing to be on the top. Finally, in the last week of …

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