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Imaging the Cosmos … Is It For Me?

Welcome to the Yukon Winter Night Sky and all the cosmic treasures that are just waiting for you to discover and photograph them.The weather has been unstable, with storm fronts continually moving in, bringing lots of clouds and...

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Yukon Planetary Cavalcade

The dominant planet in the evening sky is fascinating Jupiter. Located in the early-evening southern sky, it is easily recognizable because it is simply the brightest object in the sky.This giant of the solar system always has...

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Flaming Dustballs and a Fistful of Planets

As winter sets in, the planets are making a spectacular showing. In the morning hours, the planet Venus is clearly visible even at 7 a.m.While waiting to take the bus to work in the morning, I happen to look to the eastern...

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Mystery in the April Night Skies

It is Friday night, and everyone is waiting for a great northern light show.The night skies are clear, and we are ready. After several hours, we are left disappointed; we have not seen even a single green spear of light, let...

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