Miles Canyon

A decade of Created at the Canyon

Yukon Conservation Society’s “Created at the Canyon,” a live multi-media art event celebrating the creative process of local artists.

Created at the canyon

Diverse work comes out of a varied landscape Though always a popular spot with locals and tourists alike, the basalt columns of Miles Canyon received more than 450 visitors over the weekend of July 5 and 6 for the Created at the Canyon art exhibit. Hosted by the Yukon Conservation Society, Created at the Canyon …

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Art meets nature and history

Miles Canyon holds a special place in the story of Whitehorse. Each summer, the Yukon Conservation Society invites Yukon artists to participate in a two-day workshop to create pieces inspired by this special place.

Hiking Miles Canyon to Canyon City: A Landscape with a Past

One of the most visited attractions in Whitehorse, the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge, is a great launching point for interesting half-day hikes. Located about 10 minutes from downtown by road, the historic 95-year-old suspension bridge (which has been recently repaired) is connected to a well-established network of trails east of the Yukon River, in Chadburn …

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Capturing the Beauty of Miles Canyon

If you’re a Yukon resident, you’ve no doubt walked, biked or skied the trodden path of the Miles Canyon trail. Perhaps you’ve observed the gradient of the canyon’s rocky columns, watched canoeists paddling from atop the suspension bridge, or glanced down at the emerald waters pulsing below. But have you ever had the firsthand experience …

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Hepburn Tramway Historic Walk

“There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country.  A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo.  Even a bicycle goes too fast.” Paul Scott Mowrer Whitehorse resident Peter Long is an avid walker.  He has explored many trails in and around Whitehorse. …

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Reflections on Miles Canyon in Art

The 20th Century artist Marc Chagall once stated, “Great art picks up where nature ends.” After organizing this year’s Miles Canyon In Art event, hosted by the Yukon Conservation Society (YCS), I certainly agree. On Friday July 25, and Saturday July 26, Deanna Bailey, Amber Church, Marie-Helene Comeau, Heidi Hehn, and Blair Thorson stationed themselves …

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The Best of the Yukon Night Skies

Springtime night skies offer an endless bounty of galaxies, nebula and star clusters, waiting to be explored. Whether you prefer binoculars or a telescope, there is no other time of year when the night sky is so plentiful with deep-sky objects to observe. The problem, as always, is to have the weather co-operate with your …

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A Diamond in the Rough

In astronomy, there are good nights and there are bad nights. A good night is a cosmic gift: cloud-free skies and transparent atmosphere are basic requirements before you get started. Our last outing at Miles Canyon Lookout Point was one of those wonderful sessions where sky conditions were as perfect as the temperature. So, with …

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Those Magical Yukon Night Skies

For Yukon amateur astronomers, time for viewing those amazing night skies will soon vanish, temporarily that is. At this time of year, as soon as it starts to get dark, dawn approaches shortly after. This means you have to be ready and have a list of targets to explore for the evening observing sessions. Being …

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Canyon Dreams

Warmer temperatures motivate and promote amateur astronomy in this marvellous northern land in which we live. For example, my favourite in-town observing site is the Miles Canyon Lookout Point. This remarkable observing site is opened by the City of Whitehorse on the first weekend of May, just a few weeks before the sun is up …

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November Night Skies

Winter has arrived and the weather is starting to stabilize. With clear skies and reasonably warm temperatures, it is time to grab your parka and head outside to explore those amazing Yukon night skies. So what is there to see, you ask? Let’s start with the planets. Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, will …

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A Tale of Two Star Parties

For most northern astronomers, summer is either solar observing, or waiting for the return of the autumn night skies. The other option is to head to a star party in the southern part of the country. This year we went to one of our favourite star parties at Mount Kobau, right outside Osoyoos in B.C. …

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