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Milky Way

Sidetracked by Saturn

The sky is clear and I do not have to work tomorrow.At about 6 p.m., I put my gear out and start to get things prepared for an evening of galaxy hunting; it is, after all, the best time to go hunting for these elusive fuzzy...

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Cygnus And The Swans Of Fall

Cygnus, the flying swan, is a very important constellation to amateur astronomers that live in this magical northern land of ours.Also referred to as the Northern Cross, this constellation is easily recognizable directly...

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Calling all Yukon Amateur Astronomers!

Welcome to 2009, the International Year of Astronomy. This event celebrates Galileo’s first look at the night sky with a telescope, over 400 years ago.Imagine the rush of excitement and discovery he must have experienced...

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Those Frosty Night Skies

It is Friday evening, the sky is crystal clear and the temperature is a balmy –23 degrees.Add to that a 30-kilometre wind from the south, and you have a wind chill of –39 degrees.For most people this is a good time to stay...

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