Muskrat season

In the delta, March meant one thing—muskrat trapping season was open. And trapped muskrat pelts fetched damned near $2.50 apiece back in 1976.

Muskrat Trapping

The sun is back and the days are warmer, except in the late evenings. People of Old Crow used to be excited about going to Crow Flat. People used to leave after Easter Monday. Preparations were done, with essentials packed to trap muskrats and shelter equipment. Only essential groceries were bought. People mostly travelled by dog …

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Muskrat love … Inuvik-style

Residents of Inuvik love their muskrats so much, they named a jamboree after them. Muskrat Jamboree is a celebration of spring and one of its highlights is … muskrat skinning. “They trim them from the hind legs and open them up,” says Gerry Kisoun, vice chair of the organizing committee. “Our ladies can skin them …

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Kluane “Rat” Camp

I was told the action was in the kitchen shelter. As I walked towards the building, I immediately raised my camera to take a picture of a youngster playing caribou by holding a pair of icicles to her head like antlers. No sooner was the picture taken when Samara, a very outgoing three-year-old grabbed my …

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What do you pair with muskrat?

I, like many wine enthusiasts, love the challenge of finding the right wine to pair with a meal. Many people start with this simple axiom: white wine with white meat; red wine with red meat – not a bad starting place as few things taste better than a citrusy Sauvignon Blanc with mussels, or a …

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Didee & Didoo – Poem “​Muskrat and Beaver Story”

Muskrat and Beaver Story This story is from a long time ago when Muskrat an’ Beaver met at Old Crow. Beaver was swimming up the Porcupine River an’ Muskrat was swimming down the river. Crow mountain Muskrat went to climb Beaver wondered why it took him a long time. Beaver swam around in the slough …

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Nostalgia for Rendezvous Past

The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous began in 1945. The prime feature of the festival was the colourful dog races made up of working dogs owned by trappers, the village priest or the RCMP. Held on the Yukon River (yes, kiddies, the river froze) against the background of the picturesque sternwheelers, it was a scene of pure …

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